The Simple Preacher

Simply sharing the Word of God and some other random musings

About Me

I want to thank you for coming to my little blog…and I hope hat you find my writings here edifying…but you should probably know a few things:

  1. I am NOT a writer. I “write” weekly in one sense because I am a preacher and so I “write” to preach – but I am not a “writer” and I think you’ll see that as you read my blogs. With that said…
  2. I am not an editor. I will apologize now
  3. I am a husband and father first and preacher second. My preaching and writing style is about context, application, and grace so hopefully as you read my thoughts on scripture (and other musings) you will come away knowing a little about what was happening then which will hopefully allow you to apply that to your own life and then, finally, seeing the grace of God within the text as well.
  4. Occasionally you will find within this site random “blogs” that I have written as well. These simply come from a moment or event or conviction that I feel (you may disagree) God is asking me to share. I hope you find them helpful.

Other than that – I am simply a preacher that loves Jesus and wants to help others in their own walk as well.

Please share with me any thoughts or comments you have. We are all in this together and I fully realize that I am opening up myself to this site so please share any insight or other thoughts you may have on the text or my own personal thoughts. Again, we’re in this together and I can always use another voice.